Braver Technology Hosts Cyber Security Seminar

Cyber security is a growing concern for small to medium-sized businesses, who are often easy targets for cyber criminals, according to experts who participated in the 2018 Braver Technology Solutions Cyber Security Seminar at TPC Boston. 

The seminar, which featured two presentations and an audience Q&A, touched upon topics ranging from the trends in cybercrime, how to address network vulnerabilities, strategy plans to handle security breaches and some of the simple ways to improve cyber security defenses.

The first presentation, by Detective Adam Houston, focused on common cyber threats faced by businesses and how they are investigated and prosecuted.

Houston, who is a 9 year veteran of the Rhode Island State Police, serves as a Detective in the Computer Crimes Unit, Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, Human Trafficking Task Force and Joint Cyber Task Force.

Houston is responsible for investigating child exploitation, human trafficking and network intrusion crimes facilitated over the Internet. He is also a member of the canine unit and is a cross-designated task force officer for the Department of Homeland Security.

Houston began his presentation by sharing a quote from former FBI director Robert Muller; “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.”

Houston said that the quote rings true, drawing from his experience investigating cyber-attacks on both small “mom-and-pop” businesses and larger enterprises across the state of Rhode Island. He shared some of the common tactics that cyber criminals use to attack businesses, like social engineering and phishing.

The second presentation, “Cyber Security: Protection and Policies to Discourage a Security Breach,” was given by Braver Technology Solutions CEO Kenny Rounds. Rounds is the Owner & CEO of Braver Technology Solutions, a managed technology services company. During Rounds’ 22-year tenure as CEO, the company has successfully grown ten-fold to serve a wide range of industries such as healthcare, financial, legal and manufacturing. In addition, Braver offers VOIP communication, Disaster Recovery, and Cyber Security services.

Rounds’ presentation focused on cyber security best practices for small to medium-sized businesses. This included hardware and software recommendations, remaining diligent with updating passwords and security procedures online, and informing employees how they can protect themselves and the business.

“User education for employees is extremely important. They are your first line of defense against cyber-attacks, so if they know what to look out for, they become your best asset in threat prevention, “ said Rounds.

The event culminated with an audience Q&A session. The audience, made up of local entrepreneurs from various industries, posed questions about their specific cyber security needs.

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